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Wigs Draws Junk

My name is Wigs and I draw things (but mostly Les Mis). Feel free to contact me, I like messages. Answers and follows will come from my (empty) primary account, juanjolras.
Sep 2 '13

I dunno why they cut out the part in the movie where Enjolras sings Kelly Rowland’s 2010 hit Commander. That’s my favorite part of the musical.

Hey check it out I drew everyone. If Grantaire is 12 on the clock, let’s go clockwise: Grantaire, Enjolras, Combeferre, Jehan, Bahorel (you call that dancing, honey?), Courfeyrac, Marius, JOLY (he doesn’t want to sprain an ankle), Bossuet, Feuilly. I’ve wanted to do this comic for a couple of months and finally I was like lets fuggin do it.

If you actually play Commander the gif dances along to the beat lol.

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